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On the Artworks: Revisioning and Auricle

2010 October 30
by Caroline


This collection of 7 ‘masks’  embodies the mystic purity of humour through silent stories that delight or provoke: symbols of personae.  These abstracted mask-faces confront the mischief within existence, allowing consideration of life’s trickiness with humour.  Like jesters, the colourful masks are playfully telling stories to teach.  Each mask is a truth told with merriment.  This revision of thinking encourages a more magical outlook.
Aristotle, Poetics:  “… the comic mask is ugly and distorted, but does not imply pain.”


“Auricle, the Mystical Inner Ear

Humanity is in a time where we must listen to our inner nature. Outer manifestation (the world) needs the wisdom of the ancient to return life back into harmony where one is all. Auricle is an attempt at answering the call of the heart. Let’s listen for cues from nature. Perhaps the human species is intelligent enough to not go extinct.” – Joe Clare

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