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Joe Clare’s Art Collection

2010 December 1
by Caroline

Joe Clare’s private collection grows each year and is a significant contribution to the arts. Kindness, thoughtfulness and respect of nature, human and divine are present in all the artwork that Joe Clare collects and supports.

Doing research over the years, and interviewing many artists, I have seen that the creative impulse reveals itself in art, said Joe Clare. Dedicating himself to promoting art and artists and culture throughout humanity, Joe Clare has supported artists in Cuba and Canada, and South Africa and the US.

His collection at this point numbers just under 150 works and is growing with both commissions and acquisitions for his own private collection and the collections of other national and international collectors.

Works that create meaning and express the divine on the deepest and subtle levels of all of humanity are his criteria for the collections. In just over one year, his direction identified several primal artists whose expression is significant and worthy of attention.

Joe also helps others develop their own art collections that reflect their own inner being, which, as he says, enables us all to become self realized.

To be clear, his eye doesn’t select work that would be considered spiritual but rather artwork that is significant in and of itself; work that is without pious trappings or pretentions to so-called inner meaning or spirit world communications.

Joe has the deepest respect for the creators of the works in his collection, and this trust between the supported artists and Joe is mutual. As a result, a positive sense of abundance is shared by all universally.

His friendship with selected artists is alchemical, transforming both the artist and the collector. The goal of alchemy is to transform base metals into gold, which could be called love. It is this love of both humanity and the creative impulse that infuses all things “the birds, the bees and the flowers and the trees, whether abstract or figurativeā€œ that makes the joyful intensity that is behind Joe’s love of the universal language of art.

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  1. Marilyn Sorensen permalink
    November 4, 2011

    I have a poem which I wrote Please contact me for the poem which I find key to your cause of the arts and rembrence . WE met today at Relaxus showroom which I enjoyed. You and James left quite the impression

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